Kathryn Andries

Zen Mommies Radio Show

Learn Your Life Purpose and Flow with Life A summary of Kathryn Andries’s appearance on the Zen Mommies Radio Show . . . Ever wonder why you get stressed out and frustrated? In most cases it is because you are not following your life purpose. It is the soul’s way of letting you know you are off course. The cure? Follow your life path. How? Develop and offer your talents to the world, and work through your lessons. You can…

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Speaking Topics for Kathryn Andries

Wow your crowd with thought-provoking topics and a charismatic speaker. How to Get Along with Anybody — Learn the source of your conflicts and a powerful method to overcome them and turn your enemies into friends. Who Were Those People in My Dreams? — Uncover the hidden meaning of your dreams in this informative and entertaining presentation. Bring all your crazy dream scenarios to light and get your dream personally interpreted by master dream interpreter Kathryn Andries. Dream Big —…

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About Kathryn Andries

Kathryn Andries, founder and director of Discover Your Life Purpose, is a nationally known author, teacher, and public speaker. She wrote Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, and Living Atlantis: My Year at the College of Metaphysics. She also contributed to Interpreting Dreams for Self-Discovery and produced the video Inside the California Missions. Kathryn hosted the television show Discover Your Life Purpose and is a frequent guest on radio programs. She cofounded the School of Intuitive Arts…

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