Career Coaching

Attention visionaries, entrepreneurs, college students, unemployed, career-transitioners: It’s time to get on the right career path!

Wherever you are at in your career journey, the below methods can help you get track.

Business Reading:  This reading includes the purpose of the business, the mindset of those involved, the business culture and the state of the business’s physical entities.  The business reading is best used when a business has its own identity. If the business is conducted under your name or your questions are career related, a health reading works best. The reading will be recorded and sent on a CD or MP3 afterward.

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Career Aptitude Profile:  This profile highlights your strengths that can be converted into career skills. You will learn the life areas where you can best shine your talents. This profile uses the tools of astrology and  numerology to see the path your soul is desiring for a career,  This reading is done over zoom, phone or in person. An MP3 recording or CD will be sent following the reading.

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Career purpose alignment course:  (soon to be released) This self-study course will take you through every step of the career path, from getting clarity on what you want to pursue, removing the blocks to making career transition, and tips on landing the position of your dreams. Participants will learn strategies to incorporate their purpose, passions and lessons into a career.

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Business incorporation date: Start your business off on they right foot with an advantageous date of incorporation. The energies of the day you incorporate your business will have a long term impact on the success of your business. This service uses astrology and numerology to determine the best dates. You will receive a reading via MP3 or CD with the specifics of the incorporation date.

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Support for entrepreneurs: This session offers tools and tips for anyone desiring to have their own business. Without the proper support and knowledge, many entrepreneurs fail. This support session is designed to equip you for success! This session is done via zoom, phone, or in person. The session will be recorded as an MP3 or CD.

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